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Meditation & Mindfulness Candles Set

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Used by thousands of people like you from all over the world, our mindfulness candle and affirmation set is your way to a more present and positive life. This mindfulness candle set will support you in building a powerful mindfulness habit and transforming you to a positive state of mind.

Your Mindfulness Candle Set Includes: 

  • Ten 20-Minute Mindfulness Candles 
  • Four One Week Affirmation/Intention Cards
  • One Brass Candle Stand
  • Small Kraft Gift Box 

Scroll below to find out how you can start your mindfulness journey today...

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    Be present and become the best version of yourself with the mindfulness candles that are revolutionising mindfulness practices.


    Get started with three key aspects of the mindfulness journey.
    Attention, Reflection and Intention


    One month of affirmation cards 
    150-200 minutes of relaxation
    Four * one week goal sections
    One brass candle stand


    Increased presence 
    Improved positivity
    More clarity and focus
    Reduced stress and anxiety


    Pure local beeswax
    100% cotton wicks
    Kraft materials
    Small gift box for storage

    Powerful Mindfulness Tool

    Take back your energy, time and power

    Do you ever gift your self time in your day? Not many of us do. We find time for work and other people, but now its time to gift yourself some time. Our candles are carefully designed to help you carve out the perfect amount of time each day. 20 minutes is enough to focus on yourself, reflect on your day and write down your goals and achievements. Give the gift of presence with our mindfulness candles. 

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    Signature Affirmation Cards

    Purify Your Thoughts.

    Ever had negative thoughts that dominated your mind? Don't worry, you're not alone. There's also a simple solution. Our powerful daily affirmations will help you focus on positive thoughts, to drive away negativity and break your daily negative thought patterns. With four different affirmations for the month, recalibrate your mind and attract positivity into your life.

    Personal Check In Space

    Make your dreams a reality.

    Regular goal writing makes you 42% more likely to achieve your goals. Visualise your goals, focus on your positive affirmations and rewire your brain to become the best version of yourself. Create your perfect mindful moment and see your self progression unfold.

    Handmade Moments - Mindfulness Candle - Full Product Showcase

    Handmade For You

    The #1 mindfulness candle

    The trataka, or meditation with an object, is one of the most effective tricks, making it the great start into mindfulness practice. Thanks to the trataka, even beginners will be able to enter a powerful state of relaxation and concentration that will gradually develop with practice.

    Ready to start your journey to a more present and mindful you?

    Dedicate some time for yourself, light a candle, read your affirmation, write your weeks goal and most importantly, enjoy the moment. Create your perfect relaxing moment.

    Light a candle knowing that you are not alone. Join everyone that is taking their mindfulness journey today!

    Start Now

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews Write a review

    Your Happiness Guaranteed

    If you don't feel the positive mindful benefits in 30 days, then we'll give you your money back.

    Worldwide Shipping

    We ship to anywhere in the world! With each mindful candle, we support someone mindfulness journey. 

    Fiver-star Customer Feedback

    We are here for you on your journey. Your happiness is our priority, so we will do everything we can to help you.

    Your Mindfulness Candles

    What to expect from your mindfulness candles

    Handmade from 100% beeswax, this mindfulness set makes for a relaxing break from the world’s stresses.

    Each candle has an approximate 20-minute clean burn time. Perfect as a gift or as a treat for yourself to make time to relax and slow your thoughts.

    Available as a set and with a refill option. Add extra candles with your purchase or top up your existing set.

    Handmade Moments: Mindfulness comes as the first part of our Handmade Moments series.

    This set includes: Ten 10cm candles (100% beeswax), four affirmation/goal cards, one brass stand and a gift box 

    How to use your mindfulness candles

    1. Place your brass candle stand on a sturdy flat surface.

    2. Gently press your beeswax candle into the brass stand.

    3. Beeswax is naturally soft and so has sticky surface. This allows each candle to stick to the brass stand.

    4. You can warm the bottom slightly with your hands or with direct heat, to soften it slightly.


    - Ensure the candle is secure within the holder before lighting

    - Always burn candles within sight

    - Never burn candles near flammable items

    - Keep candles away from children and pets

    - Only burn a candle on a level heat resistant surface

    If you have any questions regarding our handmade gifts, please visit our FAQ's page or contact us directly.


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