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Invigorate Wax Melt Tub

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One "Invigorate" wax melt tub by Handmade Minds.

The Invigorate Wax Melt Tub is a citrus blend, containing lemon and spicy ginger essential oils. The combination of ingredients are known for their stimulating and reviving nature.

This wax melt blend is a perfect jump start to any day, or to help motivate you when you are feeling deflated. Carve our some time in your, place your wax melt into you wax/tart burners and gift yourself an invigorating moment.

Our Handmade Minds Wax Melt Tubs are handmade with scents that promote mindfulness and mental wellbeing.

Available on its on or as a set of three.

This product includes one 100% beeswax handmade and hand poured scented wax melt tub. Each wax melt tub is 2oz/40g.