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Energise Wax Melt Tub

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One "Energise" wax melt tub by Handmade Minds.

The Energise Wax Melt Tub contains a combination of revitalising peppermint, lemon and lime essential oils. The combination of ingredients are known for their energising nature, where you can benefit from an enhanced mood, a vibrant energy and a reduction of stress and anxiety, an increased

This wax melt blend is an excellent way to start your day, or to level up your mood after a tough day at work. We have also found that it is the perfect boost when you are feeling run down or unwell. Dedicate some time to yourself, place your wax melt into you wax/tart burners and gift yourself an uplifting moment.

Our Handmade Minds Wax Melt Tubs are handmade with scents that promote mindfulness and mental wellbeing.

Available on its on or as a set of three.

This product includes one 100% beeswax handmade and hand poured scented wax melt tub. Each wax melt tub is 2oz/40g.