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20 Minute Mindfulness Candle Challenge

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What's Included:

  • 28 days / 4 weeks of 20 minute candles
  • 4 x 1 week affirmation / intention cards
  • “How to” guide for your mindfulness candle challenge
  • Brass candle stand
  • Wooden Candle Coaster
  • Kraft gift box

The 20 Minute Mindfulness Candle Challenge

Handmade Minds has introduced the 20 Minute Mindfulness Candle Challenge to challenge you to take your mindfulness into your own hands. Ever since we launched Handmade Minds, we have been working hard to find the best way to support individual’s mindfulness journey. What we have found, is that consistency and patience is key. There is no quick fix with anything in life, and this applies to mindfulness as well.

So, What is the 20 Minute Mindfulness Candle Challenge?

The 20 Minute Mindfulness Candle Challenge involves taking 20 minutes each day, for one month, and dedicating it to candle meditation. We have handmade our mindfulness candles into a dedicated mindfulness kit, which can help you to build a lifelong mindfulness habit.

This is the perfect way to focus on the present moment and to destress from the hectic lives that we live. Take 20 minutes out of your day, each day, for an entire month and you can build a lifelong mindfulness habit and experience the compounding effects mindfulness can have on your health and happiness.

How Does It Help?

This challenge is building on the popular 21/90 rule of building long term habits. This rule very simple and therefore easy to stick to. If you commit to a goal for 21 days straight, then, the goal will have become a habit. Once you have built this habit into your daily life, you can continue to do it for another 90 days and beyond.

Longer term benefits

We belief that mindfulness practices and self care are key parts in the hectic lives that we live. With consistent mindfulness practice, you will begin to see the compounding benefits that candle meditation can bring.

The long term benefits of mindfulness, affirmation and meditative you will feel are, calmer thoughts, a more relaxed mind, and the ability to face the world with more strength. Combine this with setting weekly goals and see your self-progression unfold.

Start your Mindfulness journey today with the 20 Minute Mindfulness Candle Challenge and set yourself up with a life long habit.