What are your candles made out of? 

  • Our candles are made out of beeswax. We source our beeswax from one of the oldest and most respected suppliers, so that we can support local beekeeping efforts.

What's the best way to secure my candle in the brass stand? 

How many affirmation cards do your Handmade Moments come with?

  • You have one affirmation/goal card for each week. Each affirmation is designed to be repeated each day for the week, so that you have a positive message and goal for each week of the month. This helps you to focus and build a positive message on your journey through mindfulness.

What delivery service do you use?

  • We use Royal Mail. Please contact us directly if you would like to use an alternative supplier.

Do you ship internationally?

How does your referral scheme work?

  • You receive a free one month refill for every three referrals you make. Let us know the names of your three referral names/orders and we will send you your free beeswax candles refill!

How does your Brand Rep program work?

  • We love to work with passionate, likeminded individuals who are keen to spread positivity. If you love our mindfulness candles and wax melts, and you think your friends/fans will as well, then you can benefit from sharing them! Find our more on our Brand Rep Program page here.

Do you work B2B? Can we sell your products in our stores? 

  • Of course! We welcome anyone who wants to sell our mindfulness candles and wax melts. Please contact us directly via our Wholesale Enquiry page.