The real story behind Handmade Minds

A brief overview

Handmade Minds Ltd is a UK based mindfulness company. In November 2020, Handmade Minds launched a collection of mindfulness and meditation candles, wax melts snap bars and tubs made from 100% beeswax.

Where it all began

Handmade Minds is in fact a company that I created last year, following the loss of my mum. This is easily the most devastating thing that has happened and could have happened in my life. I am still going through the motions as I write this to you all now. I drew motivation and inspiration from everything that had happened, and everything that was happening around me.

At my lowest point, I found support and strength through practicing mindfulness, more specifically candle meditation and aromatherapy. I developed my own habits and rituals to bring positivity and focus into my life, while reducing stress and anxiety and allowing me to find joy in the present moment. I wanted to learn more about myself, my emotions and the strength inside myself. I saw a huge shift in my mindset and I was able to put my all back into the things I love. These habits and rituals are still a big part of my life now and I intend to continue on my mindfulness journey.

Now back to Handmade Minds!

The mindfulness collection

I am proud to bring to you a collection of mindfulness candles, mindfulness wax melts and other mindfulness gifts. These have been handmade and sourced for anyone that is interested in mindfulness. Whether you are beginning your journey, or you are an expert in the field, they are the perfect addition to your lives. With action, you can handmake your mind and focus on what truly matters. Reduce stress, increase positivity and live a happier, healthier life.

The most popular sets are the Candle & Affirmation Sets that we handmake. These include the Mindfulness, Love and New Beginnings editions. Each set includes a collection of 20 minutes candles. They have been hand designed to give you a reason to take time for yourself and to focus on the present moment. It has been proven that taking small, consistent moments out of each day can drastically improve your daily lives.

The Mindfulness Candle & Affirmation Set

The Mindfulness Candle & Affirmation Set is our most popular candle set across our global mindfulness community. It comes with ten 20 minute candles, one months worth of affirmation cards with four one week goal sections and a brass candle stand.

Each mindfulness candle burns for 20 minutes which is the perfect amount of time for meditation and affirmation practice. Small consistent actions has many benefits. With this mindfulness practice, you can increase your presence and focus, promote positivity, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Aromatherapy - Mindfulness wax melts

Along my personal journey, I found that creating the perfect relaxing environment was also extremely important. That is why I created my collection of Mindfulness Wax Melts - Slow down, stay present, and unwind are designed to help anyone regain their happiness and peace. They come as wax melt snap bars, or wax melt tubs and contain carefully selected essential oils to promote mindfulness. Some of these powerful Lavender Essential Oils, Frankincense Essential Oils, Vetiver Essential Oils and Sage Essential Oils.

My inspiration

Handmade Minds is a brand dedicated to mindfulness. My inspiration was born from recognising the lack of time we dedicate to ourselves on a daily basis. Life is hectic, so it is not easy to prioritise time to focus on you! I realised this during the heart of the chaos in the pandemic and the grief I was experiencing. I did everything but focus on me, myself and my wellbeing.

Each mindfulness gift that is sold, is one more person that can bring presence back into their lives, take back their time, increase positivity and reduce stress. The "why" is up to you. You could be looking to find a way to relax, you could be interested in learning more about yourself, you could be going through a difficult time like I was, or you could be looking to level up your mindset so that you can be the best version of yourself! The list is endless.

Find your "why", give yourself the time, build a habit and take action!

Thank you

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. Each mindfulness candle, wax melt or gift set that I put together, is dedicated to the memory of my mum and what she stands for. She is still very much a big part of everything that I am and that I plan to do. 

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