Press Release: Handmade Minds Introduces Mindfulness Candles For Meditation

Handmade Minds Introduces Mindfulness Candles For Meditation

UK based company Handmade Minds Ltd launches collection of meditation candles, wax bars, and wax melts made from 100% beeswax sourced from top beekeepers

UK: Handmade Minds Ltd is proud to announce its collection of Mindfulness Candles to all who are enthusiastic about meditation. The company's philosophy is to help people interested in mindfulness, mediation, and affirmation, to find eco-friendly candles for their activities.

The Handmade Minds set includes a collection of 20-minute candles available in different packages. Customers can also shop for mindfulness wax melts and wax melt pots.

Every candle in the store is made from 100% beeswax sourced from the United Kingdom's best beekeepers and entirely handmade. The company wants to support the planet while helping people find pathways for emotional and mental healing.

The Handmade Minds website provides mindfulness enthusiasts access to a wide variety of meditative and affirmative candle packages. The Mindfulness Candle and Affirmation set is very popular among buyers with thousands of users across the world. It comes with one month of affirmation cards, 200 minutes worth of candles for relaxation, four one-week goal sections, and a brass candle stand.

Slow down, stay present, and unwind with the "Wax Melt Snap Bar" series designed to help anyone regain their happiness and peace. It comes filled with powerful natural ingredients like lavender oil, Frankincense Essential Oils, Vetiver Essential Oils, and Sage Essential Oils. Live a better life with positivity using any of the "Wax Melt Tub" products that promote better sleep, energizes, distress, and invigorates.

Handmade Minds candles are also the perfect gift items. Customers can get the "Handmade Moments: The Love Edition" for their loved ones as a Valentine's Day gift or wedding anniversary gift. The red candles help lovers focus on love and relationship for present and future manifestations. The "Personalized Mini Mindfulness Candle Set" is a perfect gift item to send to a friend or loved one. Customers can include a personal message that will be printed and shipped with the package to the recipient.

Each mindfulness candle burns for 20 minutes which is enough time to reach the climax of meditation and affirmation. Refill candles are available for purchase in the online store. Using candles for meditation has many benefits. It increases presence and focus, promotes positivity, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Handmade Minds' mindfulness candles ensure even better performance during meditation because they are made from 100% beeswax, which is natural and doesn't introduce any chemicals into the environment.

About Handmade Minds Ltd

Handmade Minds Ltd is a UK-based company that makes and distributes quality handmade meditation candles. They are committed to protecting the earth, which is why every candle on their online store is made from 100% beeswax sourced for reputable beekeepers in the UK.


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