Five easy mindfulness practices for your day

To be mindful in a daily routine keeps us healthy, content and balanced. It may seem complicated so we’ve concluded with these five easy steps for your everyday mindfulness.

The mind is an effortless organ but intricately complicated. To keep your central mind and gravity balanced you first must take care of the things your mind keeps close to the heart. Whether it be stress, issues or overarching work, taking time to keep mindful will open possibilities, corridors and an equilibrium never felt before.

Regardless of your understanding of the mind it is simple to keep it healthy and at ease. Through mindfulness meditation, Yoga and even general activeness a simple and facile state of mind can be achieved in your daily routine. So, without taking too much time out of your life you can take care of your thoughts and keep healthy. Easy right?

Here are the five serene activities we recommended to a thriving state of mindfulness;

Morning & Evening Yoga

From starting the morning with a full body stretch to settling your evening with a sly Bon Voyage to the bad energies of the day. Yoga opens up muscles as well as flourishing good energy, oxygen and dopamine to the brain. It is a crucial yet easy practice in keeping mindful.

Yoga is the perfect way to not only balance and strengthen a tired body but also a tired mind. Morning Yoga energizes and revives the sleepy and unconscious intellect. Perfectly paired with an energizing wax melt in under five minutes this simple daily morning practice can make your Monday 6am feel like 6pm Saturday evening. Your body will be awakened, aware and alive.

Evening yoga on the other hand brings your body to a different state of mind. It eases you into sleep, opens up doors to relaxation and generally puts the conscious at ease. We highly recommend adding a sleep wax melt to your nightly Yoga. It tucks you away in bed, turns off the lamp and settles you into a deep calming night's sleep ready for the day that follows.


Meditation is one of the most relaxing, releasing, and ritualistic practices in being mindful. The mind is a powerful tool when sharpened and meditating is the best aid in doing this. The practice of candle meditation opens the mind and body to new experiences. The focus of the candle is said to bring awareness of the third eye, as well as increase concentration. We recommend using a mindfulness candle (Mindfulness Candles) to open your psyche to new possibilities as well as set the mood.

Meditation is simple and paramount to a complete daily mindfulness. Not only does trataka open up a larger mental capacity but also relaxes the body of all bad energies and cleanses the soul. This is a perfect addition to a nightly routine as it leaves the body in an accomplished and tranquil state. We encourage you to dedicate five to fifty minutes a day to meditate but most importantly learn and gather a meditation practice that works for you. With the perfect mindful candle, calm aesthetic, and relaxed air you can truly accomplish anything.

Breath awareness

A fresh, clean and open breath of air not only fuels oxygen in your system but overrides impure negativity. Taking a few staggered minutes a day to breathe brings a collective calm throughout the body. It energizes and recapitulates the muscles bringing parcels of pragmatic energy to the soul. As you take another calming easy gentle breath in affirming the things you desire most, bring the heart to the head and the head to the heart.

As you begin to relax and regain a collective being, acknowledge where you are, who you are and how you got here and how you are alive. Live in the moment with your body and your breath. A lot like meditation but accessible in any environment. So, no matter where you are, breathe as if every breath fuels your energy, mindful nature, and life.


Balance brings mindfulness a clean and open plate. To be balanced in life is to be free of stress and open to new beginnings. Stability in diet, relationships, the self and even the mind are crucial to keeping mindful.

The lack of stability causes the mental state to be fragile. In creating a central balance in life, the mind and body will equally strengthen. You will be stronger than ever. Your mind will become intellectually bold and emotionally robust. Whether drinking an extra glass of water or gifting a friend a mindfulness candle it is important to obtain a daily balance.

Balance during exercise is an important factor in keeping the mind active. It is important to ensure that in keeping a healthy mindfulness you keep the body strong and nimble. The hand in hand relationship will bring the center of mindfulness to a clasped and perfected balance in your life.


The lethargic lifestyle can often lead to an unhealthy body and mind. It is crucial that in keeping an energised mind, the body is also kept in a similar fairness. You may choose to walk your pet an extra 10 minutes, go for a morning jog or simply take-up a gym membership.

We recommend treating the body and mind as similar equities. If you meditate for 20 minutes you also need to exercise for 10 minutes.

Keeping the body active not only strengthens muscles but also strengthens your inner abilities of which puts your body in a tranquil and mindful state.

Why do we need mindfulness in life?

The five easy and accessible steps will lead you into the perfect openness. Not only will it improve your mental state of mind but also strengthen you as a person. Without sacrificing too much in life you can achieve an effortless and effective state of mind. Whether through candle meditation, morning yoga or ensuring a balanced diet these handful of changes can simply change your life for the better.


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